Sell Your Stuff

The easiest way to make money quickly is by selling your unused goods. Online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, TradeMe, and Ebay make the process easy. Clothing, books, appliances, ornaments… you name it, there’s a market for it. Practical furniture like shelving and sets of drawers are particularly sought after. I found myself with a surplus of shelves for some strange reason, but managed to sell them quite quickly for $40 each.

Listing on all platforms is simple. Let’s focus on Marketplace because it’s free (that’s right, there’s no selling fee!). First, open Facebook and click on the Marketplace icon. Choose ‘sell’ and find a category for your listing. Upload some clear photos of the item from various angles. Finally, give your listing a name, description, and price. When setting your price, it’s helpful to see what other similar items are selling for in your area.

Potential buyers will contact you directly via Messenger.  Depending on the item they may have a few questions for you, or to set up a viewing. Be honest and upfront about any flaws or if others have expressed an interest already. Payment is often made in cash for local items or bank transfer for further afield.

Do feel free to list your stuff on auction sites like TradeMe and Ebay. This will put your listings in front of more people and increase the chances of selling, but be aware that there will be a success fee payable once the items sell.

In My Experience

Here’s what I’ve sold recently on Marketplace, and the amount fetched for each item:


Shelf (5 @ $40) = $200

Drawers (2 @ $50) = $100

Buzz Lightyear cutout = $25

TV Aerial = $30

Outdoor table = $15

Basket (2 @ $10) = $20

Clothing (3 @ $30) = $90

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